Pro Golf Tips

After being up in Door County for more than a month now and seeing all that is available for families, friends and couples, it reminds me how lucky I am to be living a life helping people with their golf games.

During my career I have taught children as young as three years old and have taught more experienced players up to the age of 97. The joy that I see from players of all levels and all ages is priceless. One of my favorite teaching situations is a group setting. Couples, two siblings, a group of friends are all examples of these settings.

One of the biggest challenges in the golf business is that more people are leaving the game than are starting the game. As PGA Professionals, our challenge is to grow the game and make it more fun for those who already play.

The biggest hurdle for this challenge is that golf can be expensive and time consuming. Door County, however, is full of affordable options and places to play that will not take out a large chunk of your day.

If you or someone you know has never played the game, consider starting with a Get Golf Ready clinic. These are typically five one-hour lessons in a nonjudgmental, non-competitive group environment that will teach the students everything about playing the game from the time they arrive in the parking lot until the time they leave. These clinics are also very affordable, priced between $99-$199 depending on the facility. We will start our Get Golf Ready Clinics at the Peninsula State Park Golf Course in July.

As the days are getting warmer, find a friend, family member or workmate and get outside to enjoy golf. You can spend an hour at the driving range hitting balls, play a short course that will take no more than an hour, play nine holes at a regulation course that should take about two hours, or enjoy a full round of 18 holes and make half a day out of it.

Whatever your choice is, enjoy the outdoors and the occasional great shot!