Program Explores Life of Chief Oshkosh

Chief Oshkosh.

The Egg Harbor Historical Society will host – and Lauren Ward, managing director of Write On, Door County, will present – a program about Chief Oshkosh on April 19, 7 pm, at the Kress Pavilion, 7845 Church St. in Egg Harbor.

Roy Oshkosh was chief of the Menominees from 1932 until 1974, as well as a resident of Door County from 1939 until 1974. He had graduated from Carlisle College with an engineering degree, and when he came to Door County, he worked in the shipyards as an electrical engineer during WWII. After the war, friends encouraged him to stay in the county. It has been said that he built his trading post in Egg Harbor on an old campsite of his ancestors.

Chief Oshkosh died April 28, 1974, and was the last to serve as a hereditary chief of the Menominee Tribe. He is buried in the Egg Harbor Cemetery.