Public Art Continues to Spread in Egg Harbor

The Village of Egg Harbor recently unveiled the seventh installation of public art within the village this past year. “Sunset Melody” took over nine months to complete and graces the west walls of the Peg Egan Performing Arts Center.

The collaborative project is the work of Reneé Schwaller, Cynthia Board, Angela Lensch and Kathy Mand Beck. This piece consists of a flat steel structure with a mixed media mosaic inlay. Lensch fabricated the steel while Mand Beck and Schwaller contributed to the tiles and eggshells. Board pulled all of the elements together to tell the complete story.

“We’re so fortunate to witness the workmanship of these four intensely creative women – all who live within the boundaries of the village,” said Barb Cammack, Chair of the Public Arts Committee of Egg Harbor. “Each woman is unique in her own creative expertise and each brought a different element to the table. The final piece sings in absolute harmony!”

The Village of Egg Harbor established the Public Art Committee in 2010 in an effort to create and distribute visual and aesthetic pieces throughout the community. The public art installations are funded by room tax revenue monies, not by property tax dollars.

For more information contact Egg Harbor Village President Nancy Fisher at 920.868.3334.