Public Art Tradition Continues in Egg Harbor

The Village of Egg Harbor announced that the Public Art Committee has accepted three new artistic creations. A painting, a metal sculpture and a mosaic sculpture will be installed in different Egg Harbor locations in spring 2012.

Local painter and gallery owner, Judi Ekholm will create a colorful mural on the exterior of the Paul Bertschinger Community Center. The art will resemble the nature around Egg Harbor by displaying a meadow that features the sky, water and a sailboat.

Another artistic creation to be accepted is a mosaic sculpture called “Sunset Melody,” created by four Egg Harbor artists for the west wells of the Peg Egan Performing Arts Center. The project is the creative expression of Reneé Schwaller, Cynthia Board, Angela Lensch and Kathy Mand Beck.

The art installations are temporary unless donated by the artists. “We are hoping that individuals or businesses will come forth and make a donation to purchase a piece so that it will become a permanent installation,” said Beck. A plaque will then be mounted with their name or memorial.

The Village of Egg Harbor established the Public Art Committee in 2010 in an effort to create and distribute visual and aesthetic pieces throughout the community. The public art installations are being funded by room tax revenue monies, not by property tax dollars.

For more information on the new art installations, call Josh Van Lieshout or Nancy Fisher at 920.868.3334.