Public Service Commission Awards $24 Million in Broadband Grants

The Public Service Commission (PSC) of Wisconsin has awarded $24 million in broadband-expansion grants. The total amount is greater than all previous expansion-grant rounds combined, and the funds will go to communities and providers to expand high-speed internet in unserved and underserved areas of the state.

“Current events underscore the fact that access to broadband is an essential service, not an extravagance or luxury,” said Rebecca Cameron Valcq, PSC chair. “These grants will go toward expanding high-speed internet in underserved areas so students can connect to their learning platforms, telemedicine can be utilized for people in need, and those who work from home are able to do so. Broadband offers the ability to connect when connectivity is needed the most.”

Funded Door County projects include Door County Broadband’s fixed wireless project in the Town of Nasewaupee. The grant of $65,282 will equip the new tower and an existing structure (silo) with fixed wireless antennas. Charter Communications also received $188,044, some of which will go to its Town of Sturgeon Bay project to build a cable internet service along South Lake Michigan Drive.