Publisher’s Note: Autumn’s Stories

In a world where so many of our daily lives have been turned upside down, nature’s routine goes on uninterrupted. 

The temperature drops with every passing day; bright-blue skies get a little grayer; needles fall from the tamaracks; and leaves turn from green, to light greens, to yellows, reds and oranges. Our little county, stretched out over the peninsula, begins to glow in color.  

The change in weather acts as a reminder that school is starting, fields will need to be turned over and sweaters will need to be pulled out of boxes (or to the front of the closet). And have you heard? It’s an election year, so those of us who are 18 or older will soon be asked to vote. 

Despite the political leanings we all share in this place, we all wake to the same sunrise, and we all turn on our lights at the end of the shortening days. We may disagree on the issues, but we all agree that we need to find ways to take care of one another: to feed the hungry, warm the cold and enable one another to live a better and better way of life. 

We at Peninsula Publishing & Distribution and Door County Living hope that this issue entertains, maybe enlightens and hopefully inspires you. It’s full of stories about our home, our neighbors and your community. 

Our community. 

Thanks for reading.

David Eliot