Publisher’s Note: Privilege to Protect

What makes Door County a special place? Is it the natural beauty, the art, or the history?

It is the community.

It is the spirit, hospitality and generosity of its people that makes Door County a special place. We take care of our own and our visitors. Despite political differences, religious beliefs and individual life choices, Door County has built, and continues to build, a community that encourages creative pursuits, is a steward of our natural resources, and honors its heritage.

This is the ninth Door County Living philanthropy issue. In each issue we have celebrated the people who find a way to collectively take care of each other and this place. This issue delves into the people and organizations that preserve and protect our natural environment and the challenges they face.

It is an honor and privilege to live and work in a community that finds a way to take care of itself. Thanks to all who contribute, volunteer and participate — you are an inspiration to us all.

Thanks for reading.

David Eliot


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