Pudgy Pie: Entree and Dessert by Fire

Julie Oostra of Minneapolis knives her Pudgy Pie creation out of the maker a bit too hastily, but enjoys her dinner nonetheless.

Once man used fire to cook food – out of necessity. Then, man invented ovens and microwaves and Taco Bells. But, now and again, a good fire-cooked meal satisfies the soul.
We Wisconsinites have learned to create an entire meal with the simple ingenuity of a stick – there is the classic wiener or brat and, of course, S’mores.

With the invention of the Pudgy Pie, however, gourmet campfire cooking arrived. The simple metal gadget (called a Camp Cooker by Coleman) comes either round (for the non-crust lovers) or square (for the crust lovers), and inside of it, dare I say, the most delicious fire foods of them all can be created.

Ingredients to create a tasty dinner:

• wheat or white sliced bread
• pizza sauce
• pizza toppings: diced onions, green onions, black olives, pepperoni, shredded cheese, etc.

Ingredients to create a tasty dessert:

• wheat or white sliced bread
• pie filling: blueberry, cherry, apple, strawberry, etc.
• cinnamon and sugar (optional)
• frosting (for spreading over your cooked pie; optional)


1. Spray the inside of the Pudgy Pie maker with cooking spray.
2. Create a pie-like creation of your choosing.
3. Close Pudgy Pie Maker tightly and hold over a flame.
4. Engage in campfire conversation.
5. Once the bread is golden brown, the pie is complete.
6. Enjoy!

After a meal of Pudgy Pies you will sleep sweeter in your pitched tent or cozy camper. Welcome to a new generation of fire foods!