The Pulse Podcast Roundup, Summer 2018

Behind music, podcasts are quickly climbing the ranks of popularity when it comes to easy listening at home or in the car. It’s estimated that 26 percent (73 million) of the U.S. population listens to podcasts at least every month, and 17 percent (48 million) listen to podcasts weekly. Those numbers are only expected to grow, which is why we at the Door County Pulse have joined the movement and launched our very own show, the Door County Pulse Podcasts. Listen in mid-week for your Weekend Primer to get your weekend plans and then listen in on Friday for updates on news, community and Door County happenings, and .

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If you’ve got more listening time for the taking, here is what the staff at the Pulse are currently listening to and recommending:

“I really like listening to Ear Biscuits, which is a podcast put together by Rhett and Link, who are best friends that run the popular Youtube channel Good Mythical Morning. The two have been best friends since they were kids and they are a funny duo. The podcast started off in an interview format with a guest each week, but it has since changed to a discussion between the two, with the occasional guest. Whenever I watch one of their videos or listen to their podcast, it reminds me of my own best friend and the crazy adventures we have had over the 19 years as friends. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants some easy listening and a good laugh.” – Grace Johnson,  Events Calendar Manager

“I’m addicted to The Daily, the news roundup from the New York Times and reporter Michael Barbaro, but of late I’m plowing through The Rewatchables from The Ringer. Each week they dive deep into the making of a movie that you can watch again and again, like Shawshank Redemption, The Big Lebowski, or Jaws. I always learn something new, appreciate the movie more, and get the urge to revisit a classic movie.” – Myles Dannhausen Jr., Content Editor

“I got turned on to My Brother, My Brother and Me by a friend of mine who’d been listening for years. The McElroy brothers get together every week to host a comedy advice podcast where they solve listener problems, and read questions from the slowly decaying Yahoo! Answers service. Between the three of them they host over 10 different podcasts on a variety of subjects, but MBMBaM is always my go to for a good laugh. They also play Dungeons and Dragons with their dad, Huntington West Virginia radio legend Clint McElroy, on a bi-weekly podcast called The Adventure Zone.” Andrew Kelidon-Linstrom, Editor & Videographer at Peninsula Filmworks

“What’s more fun than scaring the pants off of yourself on purpose and then drinking about it? And That’s Why We Drink is the perfect podcast for such an activity. Its hosts research spooky stories from all over the place and share them alongside comedic banter. If you enjoy hearing about the gruesome acts human beings commit or interested in getting one step closer to figuring out if ghosts are real, then this podcast is for you and a glass of wine. Beware!” Celeste Benzschawel, Arts & Entertainment Intern

“I’ve been doing a lot of driving as of late and happened upon two podcasts that I’ve since spent a dozen or more hours listening in on. The first has been around for a while and takes some commitment: Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History, specifically the 6-part Blueprint for Armageddon series on WWI. It’s a deep dive into the minutiae of the events during the war, from both a high-level and down-in-the-literal-trenches perspective. That can get pretty dark after a while, so on the lighter side, there’s Bar None. This well-researched podcast looks into the history behind some of our favorite classic cocktails. If you’ve ever wondered why a Bloody Mary is called what it is, or even where the word cocktail comes from (hint: it involves raw ginger and a horse), this is a good one. Great fodder for happy hour conversations.” Aleah Kidd, Multimedia Editor

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