Pulse Price Report: Nov. 13, 2015

Crop prices (Nov. 9)

Rio Creek Feed Mill – Algoma

Commodity Price Basis
Soybeans $8.01/bushel -0.66
Wheat (SRW) $4.63/bushel -0.60
New-Crop Wheat (SRW) $4.60/bushel -0.70


Fox River Valley Ethanol – Green Bay

Corn $3.38/bushel -0.35

 Basis: The difference between the local cash price for a commodity and the Chicago cash price (where the Board of Trade sets national futures price).

“Prices received by Wisconsin farmers in September showed both minor and major changes from what they were in August or in September of 2014, according to a report by the Wisconsin field office of the National Agricultural Statistics Service. Only minor changes occurred in the price of corn for the two comparative periods. The September average price of $3.58 per bushel was down by 9 cents from August but up by 5 cents from September of 2014. Soybean prices, however, posted more significant changes to the downside. The September price of $8.62 per bushel was down by 95 cents from August and by $2.58 from September of 2014. For oats, the September average price of $1.91 bushel was 12 cents more than in August but $1.70 per bushel lower than for September of 2014.” ~ Wisconsin State Farmer

Gas Price Averages

United States: $2.21

United States one year ago: $2.93

Wisconsin: $2.35

Wisconsin one year ago: $2.98

Northern Door: $2.40

Sturgeon Bay: $2.34

Other Commodities

Gold: $1,088.60/troy ounce

Silver: $14.47/troy ounce

Oil: $43.83/barrel

Live Cattle: $1.32/pound

Lean Hogs: $0.54/pound


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