Pulse Price Report, Oct. 23-30

Crop prices (Oct. 19)

Rio Creek Feed Mill – Algoma

Commodity Price Basis
Corn $3.32/bushel -0.45
Soybeans $8.28/bushel -0.70
Wheat (SRW) $4.32/bushel -0.60

Fox River Valley Ethanol – Green Bay

Corn $3.58/bushel -0.19

 Basis: The difference between the local cash price for a commodity and the Chicago cash price (where the Board of Trade sets national futures price).

“Live cattle prices are poised for a strong year-end rebound following the steepest 30-day decline since the 2003 discovery of mad cow disease in the U.S., according to a new report produced by CoBank’s Knowledge Exchange Divison. ‘The price drop was very sudden and clearly caught the market off guard,’ said Trevor Amen, animal protein economist with CoBank. ‘But we believe the causes of the drop were temporary, which sets the stage for a price rally.’” ~ Wisconsin Ag Connection

Gas Price Averages

United States: $2.25

United State one year ago: $3.11

Wisconsin: $2.43

Wisconsin one year ago: $3.15

Northern Door: $2.50

Sturgeon Bay: $2.39

Other Commodities

Gold: $1,172.80/troy ounce

Silver: $15.83/troy ounce

Oil: $46.02/barrel

Live Cattle: $1.42/pound

Lean Hogs: $0.66/pound



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