Puppet Show with Local Inspiration

The Jabberwock presents Minneapolis-based artist Kit Leffler in Beasts & Bumpkins, a puppetry-based installation and performance, that will premiere Oct. 20 at 7 pm in Algoma. The piece is a fantasy adventure, based on current locales and politics, about Margie and Eliza, two girls from Algoma who see an ad in the Peninsula Pulse that a new wildlife sanctuary is accepting specimens. Margie and Eliza are collectors of rare orchids and dragonflies and decide to journey to Rock Island to donate some of their prize organisms. Along the way, they run into a karst rock spirit, Cheetee, who distracts and torments them with spook lights, apparitions of the nearby CAFO-teria, a fish boil-turned-brawl, and more. The story is loosely based in Kewaunee and Door County.

Come meet the artist, and participate in this one-of-a-kind experience, which will feature 2-D paper doll puppetry in a cantastoria style, alongside science-based trickery to keep things lively. It is free and for all ages, though has a Princess Bride level of parental advisory (PG-ish).

The Jabberwock is an art space located at 219 Steele Street, Algoma. Find out more information from


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