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The Peninsula Pulse has teamed up with the Door County Art League (DCAL) to reprint portions of interviews conducted by Randy Rasmussen, a DCAL Member-at-Large, with various artists. Featured in this issue of the Pulse is Connie Glowacki. To read the interviews in their entirety, to sign up for DCAL’s monthly newsletter or for more information visit

“Favorite Harbor” by Connie Glowacki.

I interviewed working artist Connie Glowacki at her new gallery conveniently located in the Top of the Hill shops in Fish Creek. Connie’s and her publicist/framer husband Mike’s gallery is next to the Door County Art League’s gallery.

Randy Rasmussen (RR): Connie what is your first memory of enjoying the creative process?

“The Last Rose of Summer” by Connie Glowacki.

Connie Glowacki (CG): I remember making birds with my sister. As a child I loved doing pencil drawings and in school I really enjoyed my art classes.

RR: How did you transition into watercolor as your major medium?

CG: I tried watercolor and enjoyed the spontaneous nature of the medium. It allowed me to express myself better than any other medium.

RR: How and when did you make the transition from recreational painter to professional artist?

CG: I was a teacher and my educational background is a B.A. and Master’s degree in education. I was working and painting when I had a child born with a disability that required me to be home. I had more time for my art and my paintings began to sell. The next logical step for me was to start attending art shows where my work was accepted very well. Mike and I have been doing art shows all over the Midwest for over 28 years.

“Essence of Grapes” by Connie Glowacki.

RR: As your work developed did you attend workshops?

CG: I was fortunate to attend workshops with some very gifted instructors including Wayne Gunnesi, Irving Shapiro, Phil Austin, Brigit Austin and Wynn Jones.

RR: How did your gallery in Fish Creek come about?

CG: We developed many friends over the years from attending art shows. Mike and I have always enjoyed coming to Door County on vacation and to paint and the opportunity for the gallery came about as a result of friends.

“Remember Last Summer” by Connie Glowacki.

RR: Connie, seeing your work, I know you have a good answer to the following question. What in your opinion makes a good painting?

CG: That’s a good question. I think a painting that succeeds is a work that is extraordinary…it has something that you don’t forget.

RR: You also teach. Do you have any classes in Door County?

CG: I have a class coming up this fall in Door County in October from the 14th through the 16th. Interested students can call me at 608.752.0707 or 877.926.5677.

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