Q &A – Questions and Artists – Sally Everhardus

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I first met Sally Everhardus at an Ed Fenendael painting class over three years ago. We enjoyed talking and she told me about the Door County Art League which I joined. Our interview took place early in January.

To contact Everhardus, email [email protected]. To view her recent work, visit

Randy Rasmussen (RR): Sally, how did you get started in art?

Sally Everhardus (SE): I remember in kindergarten talking to my best friend. She was going to write children’s books, and I was going to be the illustrator. I always enjoyed drawing. I received a BFA from the University of Michigan and while there, did drawings for research papers. After graduation I worked in graphics and design. My twin passions were art and horses. I have worked in ceramics, weaving, basket making and costume design. As my career evolved, I lived in multiple areas including the Bay area of California, Western Illinois and Saint Louis working in nonprofit fund raising for the arts, a theatre group and education organizations.

RR: When did you come to Door County?

SE: I came to Door County in 2002 as a result of a job opportunity. I liked the area and stayed.

RR: How did your love of three-dimensional artwork develop?

SE: I am very good with power tools. Really three-dimensional work is just something I have always enjoyed.

RR: Did you always enjoy the creative process?

SE: Yes it seemed to fit my personality. The career just evolved.

RR: I always get interesting answers to this question. For you, how does the creative process start?

SE: It seems I always have ideas running through my head. Words, pictures, or phrases can trigger a project, or a project can trigger a phrase. Sitting with a piece of wood is like a water-colorist sitting with a piece of paper.

RR: Sally, what do you like best about living in Door County?

SE: I think Door County has so many interesting people. Another thing I appreciate about Door County is the Artist’s Guild. I can get just about anything I want and don’t have to drive.

RR: In your opinion should art be serious or fun?

SE: For me it is both. I am a breast cancer survivor, and I had work accepted into a show for women artists at the Appleton Art Center. My work was serious and personally meaningful. My four pieces accepted into the Kohler Humor in Art show were fun.

RR: What do you think is the future of art?

SE: I think currently the creative process and artists are the most under utilized part of our society. I think we need to bring the creative people into the public dialogue.