Q&A: Questions & Artists – Shelby Keefe

“Wintering Barn” by Shelby Keefe.

This is part two of my interview with award-winning and nationally known artist Shelby Keefe. Her work can be seen in multiple galleries throughout the United States and in her own Milwaukee gallery, The Urban Sanctuary.

Randy Rasmussen (RR): I know we briefly talked about your combining music and art. Do you think combining the two is important to the creative process?

Shelby Keefe (SK): I know some people like to paint listening to classical music. I understand this and I think one should use their personal taste in selecting the music but I know it helps me in the creative process.

RR: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

SK: I really don’t plan that far ahead. I think I have decided that I just go with the flow. I have a tentative two-year goal of selling my house and travel painting in a mobile studio. I try to not get to specific on my goals and again I just probably go where life takes me.

RR: One more question about your music. If you had to pick one would it be music or painting.

“Morning Shadows” by Shelby Keefe.

SK: I made that decision a long time ago. Painting is my main passion.

RR: What is your favorite place to paint in Door County?

SK: Painting buildings are a particular favorite for me. I enjoy painting Weborg Dock – one of my special favorites in Door County.

RR: Traveling to so many places to paint, do you see a continuing or even a growing interest in fine art?

SK: I know people have a need to create, be it music, art or anything. Some of us are born to create art; those are what I call the “art driven” individuals. My experience tells me that there will always be a market for truly fine art. Technology improves and I think it can actually help the artist in creating a painting by allowing compositional changes to be evaluated before the painting is started. Technology in all its forms can be a tool to help the artist.

RR: Thank you.

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