Ralph Murre Remembers Bill Guenzel Through Poem

"The Gardener"
in memory of Bill Guenzel

O.K., we’ll call him the gardener if you want.
Gardeners don’t make things grow, y’know –
they tend the soil, they bring the water and
make sure things are where they ought to be

just so

the trees, the grass, the stones, have a chance.
And trim what needs to be trimmed and leave
untrimmed what needs that, too.  Straight lines
straight and curved lines curved and all

just so

you might think it just happened that way, so
you might think there wasn’t any gardener
as you wander flower by flower and wander
wonder by wonder.  But he hides, this one

just so

we can simply enjoy the garden and think, almost
not at all, of him.  Still, he’s there and there and
he’s over there, y’know.  Just out of sight and just as
he liked it.  Behind most everything.  Look.  It’s all

just so.