Ranney Releases “New World Disorder”

Washington Island author David Ranney has announced the release of his latest book New World Disorder: The Decline of U.S. Power (2014). Ranney, author of Global Decisions, Local Collisions: Urban Life in the New World Order (2003) argues that the global system that President George H. W. Bush first called the “New World Order” is now in a deep systemic crisis and has become a new world disorder.

The political and economic instability that rages around the world, Ranney contends, cannot be attributed to simply a “great recession.” The global crisis that we face today is inherent in capitalism itself and has appeared historically again and again. Ranney lays out the source of today’s “new world disorder” and explains its historical precedents. He then raises critical questions about the future.

David Ranney is Professor Emeritus in the College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs at the University of Illinois Chicago. He has also been a factory worker, a labor and community organizer and an activist academic. He is the author of four books and numerous articles and monographs on issues of employment, labor and community organizing and U.S. trade policy. He splits his time between Chicago and Washington Island, Wisconsin.

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