Reaching Optimal Health

The Center for Optimal Health Sturgeon Bay is excited to expand its wellness services.

“The Center focuses on functional medicine, a personalized approach that focuses on discovering the underlying cause of your symptoms,” owner Nicole James explains. “Instead of figuring out ‘what’ disease you have and ‘what’ drug to give you, we ask ‘why?’

“Functional medicine is a science-based approach. Through the use of advancements in nutritional, metabolic and genetic testing we balance out the dysfunction in the glycemic index, immune, hormonal, energy, and detoxification systems, restoring the body back to optimal health. The tests we run here look at your quality of health more than your quality of disease,” said James.

By finding out what the body needs, James then prescribes natural medicines, vitamins, supplements, herbs, and botanicals to restore functioning to the body along with diet and lifestyle changes necessary to regain optimal health.

Last August, James moved the Center for Optimal Health into the historic Fairfield Building in downtown Sturgeon Bay and expanded her services. An Age Management Medicine Program is a new service that uses extensive hormone, metabolic and DNA analysis to see how the body is aging. This service is beneficial to preventing the degeneration of the body and keeping hormones restored to youthful levels.

James’s team consists of Gayle Mason, a nurse practitioner who is a certified Menopause clinician. Other members of The Optimal Health team include: Gail Horkman, integrative nutritionist; Cindy Knigge, certified raw food chef; Katherine McCabe, a Reiki Master and Certified Qi Gong instructor; and Lori Strantz, massage therapist and owner of Lori’s Spa Essence. For more information visit or call 920.743.4221.