Recall Petitions ‘Insufficient’

After examining the recall petitions against Door County District 2 Supervisor John Neinas and District 3 Supervisor Ron Englebert, County Clerk Jill Lau issued certificates of insufficiency in both cases.

The recall-petition instigators are seeking the recall of the two supervisors for their votes in the county’s decision for a two-year drawdown of the Forestville mill pond. Englebert voted in favor of the drawdown, and Neinas abstained on advice of Corporation Counsel Grant Thomas because he owns property on the mill pond.

The petitioners had five days to correct the insufficiencies; however, Lau said in both cases there were uncorrectable insufficiencies that included petitions signed by a person not living in the district, photocopied petitions and, in the District 3 case, affidavits from six petition signers saying the recall petition was misrepresented to them when they signed.

At the July 23 meeting of the county supervisors, Christine Reid, a mill pond resident, said the effort to recall the two supervisors would start all over again.