Recommendations on Parking Lots and Speed Signs

Welcome to the Notes from the Grove, providing Liberty Grove residents and visitors tid bits of information about goings on in town government.

• The Highway Committee has sent several recommendations to the Town Board for its consideration. To help resolve ongoing parking problems in the vicinity of Ecology Sports and Base Camp Coffee Shop a recommendation is to install a white stripe from the northeast corner of the Base Camp parking lot to Spring Road. No parking symbols would be painted on the road surface in that area. Permission will also be sought to have the Town Crew stripe the parking lot at Ecology Sports and Base Camp.

• A second recommendation is the inclusion of $1,000 in the next budget to purchase a speed sign to monitor speed limits along town roads. This would be subject to matching funds from neighbors. Speeding on Garrett Bay Road into and leaving Ellison Bay has created a safety concerns for pedestrians. Discussions have taken place regarding the installation of a three way stop at School Road and Garrett Bay Road as well.

• A third recommendation is to consider an engineering study along Highway 42 from Hill Road to Waters End Road. The purpose of the study would be to improve parking, installation of curb and gutter and address safety concerns along that stretch of highway. In the past the state has indicated it would not help fund a project in that area.

• The Economic Sustainability Committee will begin looking at development of plans for the commercial areas of Ellison Bay, Gills Rock and Highway 42 from Hill Road to Waters End Road. Inventories will be taken of exiting businesses, what has closed or moved and what types of businesses could be encouraged to establish in the designated areas. The committee will rely on the Town’s Comprehensive Plan adopted in 2003 as a framework.

• After receiving approval for a pedestrian crosswalk in Ellison Bay at Mink River Road and Highway 42 consideration will be given to seek approval for an additional crosswalk at Lakeview Road and Highway 42.

• A reminder that the second appliance and electronics recycling day will be held Oct. 22. Visit town website for details.

• The Board of Review has been rescheduled to Oct. 26.