Recycle Your Fridge and Save

The Focus on Energy Appliance Recycling Program offers free pick up and recycling of your old, inefficient, working refrigerators and freezers. You’ll not only be saving approximately $150 per year per appliance in energy, but you’ll also receive a $40 reward per appliance recycled.

Refrigerators built before 1993 can use two to three times more energy than newer, high-efficiency models. Focus on Energy recycles your appliance in an environmentally responsible way, breaking down each part to properly recycle it and keeping 95 percent of the appliance out of landfills.

Here’s how to recycle your old fridge: Make sure your refrigerator or freezer is between 10 and 30 cubic feet in size and in working condition. To schedule a free pick-up appointment, call 855.398.5226.

Make sure your unit is defrosted, clean of all food/ice, but still plugged in and running. Make sure your unit is safely accessible with a clear removal path. The removal team will not risk injury, remove personal belongings, or modify your home to remove your unit safely. Allow four to six weeks for your reward check to arrive in the mail.