Yesterday I stood before my mirror
naked as a jaybird
and watched the sunlight splash across my breasts and thighs
to warm the weathered edges of my arms
where the skin hangs loose
and unrepentant.
It is a funny body now
this frame of wrinkles
where it should be smooth and round
the stomach gone awry
in all directions
only drawstring pants can really hide.
The legs are good
these legs that skied on Minnesota trails
chased a toddler
climbed the rocks of ancient Greece
and snagged a husband on the Jersey shore.
The sags and bags run rampant on these bones
out of control
held together by capricious pleasure of the gods,
a Daumier cartoon of time and grace
it is a sight to make me smile
remembering the gifts this body has bestowed
the birthing, working, passion and delight
rich treasures from a vintage cask
yet able still to carry,
walk and laugh
and light a spark within a lover’s eyes.

A lifelong love for words and their music led me twelve years ago to the magic of summer Clearing classes led by Ellen Kort, teacher extraordinaire and Wisconsin’s first Poet Laureate.

The community of poets in Wisconsin has been a great source of creativity to me.