Reid Lewis to Speak at Trueblood PAC

The Trueblood Performing Arts Center will be the location of “Meeting Challenge Head-On! The Adventure of LaSalle:  Expedition II,” a presentation being given by Reid Lewis on Saturday, June 20 at 7:30 pm. Lewis led a 23-man canoe expedition through the cruelest Midwestern winter in history, recreating, in painstaking detail, La Salle’s epic 1681 epic voyage from Montreal to the Gulf of Mexico.

For eight months, using nothing but 17th Century clothing and equipment, his expedition endured a series of unbelievable hardships – both physical and mental, that welded a collection of 20th century city dwellers into a toughened band of wilderness survivors.

Reid Lewis’s presentation is a fully produced, including live narration by Reid Lewis in costume. In story and song, Lewis relates the humor, frustrations and adventures of the voyage.

“Meeting Challenge Head-On!” has had a powerful impact on audiences. Lewis invites one to welcome the obstacles in his or her life. The men of LaSalle:  Expedition II were ordinary Americans to start with. They rendered themselves extraordinary through their accomplishment, and the message is that anyone can do the same.

Lewis is traveling from Elgin, Illinois for the presentation, and will be introduced by Ralph Freese, the legendary owner of the Chicago Land Canoe Base. Tickets for the performance are $10 at the door, with all proceeds going to the non-profit Washington Island Canoe and Kayak Event.

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