Relearning The Gospel

The Gospel message of God’s grace, love and reconciliation is being shared anew courtesy of today’s social media. But it’s not the same old, rugged cross that’s being touted in a new book by Bruce H. Joffe, The Gospel According to Facebook: Social Media and the Good News.

In college professor and church pastor Joffe’s new treatise, the teachings of Jesus take precedence over church traditions. Loving one’s neighbor – and neighborhood – means loving God and all God’s creation—including ourselves, our environment, society’s outcasts and misfits.

“The good news shared through Facebook and other social media echoes the essential message of Jesus about grace, love, compassion, and social justice,” says the author, believing that Christians are called to be people who are welcoming and affirming of others.

Through his research and publications, Joffe seeks to explore the intersections between gender, the media, and cultural norms—including religion.

Released in February 2014, The Gospel According to Facebook is available from online booksellers and at many retail bookstores.