Renewable Energy Directory Seeks Updates

Door County‘s Renewable Energy Task Force (RETF) is updating what will be the third-edition of its Door County Renewable Energy Resource Guide. They are seeking new and additional listings in the directory of both users and vendors of renewable energy (RE) technology in Door County.

The guide is made available free-of-charge to the community and listings in the directory are free. It is the RETF’s most popular handout at builder’s and home shows, community gatherings and events.

“They go like hotcakes,” said Don Pardonner, RETF chairman, “As renewable energy continues to gather momentum, more and more people are asking for them. It’s almost like we can’t print them fast enough.”

The pocket-sized guide contains names and contact information of homeowners and small businesses currently using RE in the county, organized by type of energy harnessed. Most of those listed are pleased to receive phone calls and make appointments to pass along RE advice and show off their installations.

Businesses that make RE products and/or services available to residences and businesses in Door County are also invited to participate. Businesses outside of Door County may participate as long as they make their products or services available in Door County.

All listings are free and everyone is welcome to participate. Residents and business owners wishing to receive an application form should contact the guide’s publisher, Ralph Valatka at Shady Nook Creative, by calling 920.743.5094 or emailing [email protected].

For more information about RETF, visit or contact Pardonner at 920.839.1182 or [email protected].