Rep. Joel Kitchens Visits with Youth in Government Delegates at YMCA

As the Youth in Government (YIG) delegates at the Door County YMCA really began to crack down on writing their bills for their annual trip to the Capitol in Madison, they were visited by a special guest. At their weekly meeting on Nov. 30, Representative Joel Kitchens spent a full hour sharing what he does in Madison (and around the state), fielding questions from the Door County YIG delegates, and sharing insight and ideas on their potential bill ideas. Rep. Kitchens, who has had all three of his children heavily involved in the program, is a very big supporter of what the program does.

Youth in Government currently has 25 kids from all over the county involved, including kids from three of the school districts and home-schools.

Pre-Government, located in Appleton, will take place on Jan, 31 to help prepare the kids for Madison. All of the delegations from across the state will then meet again during the first weekend of March, where they take over the Capitol and act as legislators, Supreme Court justices, and the media. For more information about the program, contact Eric Natwick at 920.743.4949.

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