Report Says Peninsula State Park’s Eagle Tower Should Come Down

Eagle Tower, the iconic landmark that rises high above Eagle Bluff in Peninsula State Park, should be torn down, according to a May 20 engineers report from Edge Consulting Engineers.

The 75-foot tower has been closed since before Memorial Day, after a structural assessment from Edge, hired by the DNR, raised red flags about the tower’s safety.

Since it’s construction as a fire watchtower in the early 1914, and its reconstruction by the New Deal-era Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1932, the tower has stood as one of the most well-recognized symbols of Door County. It has been featured in countless paintings, postcards, t-shirts, race medals, magnets, and nearly anything you can put it on.

A complete engineer’s report revealed that the tower is no longer structurally adequate. The report recommends tearing the tower down and building new, rather than applying stop-gaps to the existing tower.

The report cited cracks in the wood throughout the structure, loose tie rod X-bracing between columns that allowed excessive movement with the weight of just two individuals, and supports that are split down the middle and rotted.

“The stair system and protective railings were generally found to be in fair to poor condition throughout the structure,” the report said.

Read the engineer’s report here>>