Reps in the News: Jan. 17-24

Representative Joel Kitchens

Rep. Joel Kitchens is co-author of a bill that would waive the annual state-park vehicle-admission fee for families of public- or private-school students in fourth grade.

“This bill will further encourage families to spend time together outdoors and experience our state parks, forests, recreational areas and trails,” he said. 

“As Wisconsin residents travel throughout the state to visit our 66 state parks, they will also be spending money on lodging, dining, shopping and fuel, further strengthening our local economies.”

Source: Kitchens e-newsletter

Representative Mike Gallagher

U.S. Rep. Mike Gallagher issued the following statement after the House passed H.R. 535, the PFAS Action Act of 2019. Included in the bill are two bipartisan amendments co-authored by Gallagher that would list PFOA and PFOS as hazardous substances under the Clean Air Act and require the Environmental Protection Agency to create a tool that helps people to better understand well-water test results. H.R. 535 passed the House by a 247-159 vote.

“For far too long, toxic chemicals like PFAS have contaminated local water sources, literally poisoning the well from which Wisconsinites drink,” Gallagher said. “Inaction is not an option. We have a responsibility to combat the threats posed by these forever chemicals, and while this bill isn’t perfect, it’s a step forward in helping communities mitigate the effects of these toxins.”

Source: Gallagher press release

Senator Tammy Baldwin

U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin has supported the introduction of the No War Against Iran Act, which denies the Pentagon any funds for unauthorized use of military force against Iran. A measure to prohibit funds for an unconstitutional war with Iran passed by a bipartisan, 251-member vote in the House of Representatives last year, though it was later stripped from the National Defense Authorization Act enacted in December.

“The Constitution is very clear that only Congress has the authority to declare war,” Baldwin said, “and I am supporting this legislation to prevent the start of an unauthorized war with Iran. I am always guided by the hard lessons that should be learned when America chooses to go to war in the Middle East. 

“After decades of U.S. military engagement in Middle East conflicts, Congress must not allow this administration to repeat the mistakes of the past. We have a constitutional responsibility to prevent the president from going to war with Iran and sending more American troops into harm’s way without congressional authorization.”

Source: Baldwin press release

Governor Tony Evers

At a press conference in Wausau Jan. 9, Gov. Tony Evers, who’s a former teacher, laid out some of his legislative priorities for 2020. They’re things he says have bipartisan support, so Evers called on legislators to remain in session long enough this year to pass bills that he identified as having been introduced in one or both houses of the Legislature. 

On the list of priorities that the governor’s office released are capping co-pay amounts for insulin, closing the state’s “dark store” loophole, improving water quality and addressing homelessness. He pointed to a bipartisan bill on homelessness and the results of the Speaker’s Task Force on Water Quality, which recently unveiled its proposals.

Those proposals amount to a $10 million effort to reduce nitrates and boost well testing and pollution-remediation efforts. 

Source: Wisconsin Public Radio