Reps in the News: Oct. 25

Representative Kitchens Excited about Water Pollution Credit Trading

“I am beyond excited that my bipartisan bill that is designed to further protect Wisconsin’s water has moved one step closer to becoming state law,” said Rep. Joel Kitchens in an e-update.

“The Assembly Committee on Local Government this week unanimously recommended passage of AB 113, which aims to reduce the amount of contaminants in our state’s water by creating a system for buying and selling pollution credits through a third-party central clearinghouse. The bill now needs to be passed by the full state Assembly before it can be signed into law. The Senate version of the legislation, which is identical to AB 113, has already been passed unanimously by the full state Senate.  

“Pollutant trading is a sound strategy recognized by the federal Clean Water Act, but our current program is being underutilized because most point and nonpoint pollution sources do not have the resources or relationships to seek out trading partners. Examples of point sources include wastewater treatment plants, cheese factories and paper mills, and examples of nonpoint sources include farmland, golf courses and residential lawns.”

Source: Kitchens e-update

Senator Jacque Applauds Brown County Bridge Funding

Sen. André Jacque released the following press release regarding funding for a southern bridge in Brown County:

“Both before and after being elected to the state Senate, paving the way for the Southern Bridge in Brown County has been a top legislative priority for [me] and many other government and economic-development officials working together in northeast Wisconsin. We fought incredibly hard to get my budget provision adopted this summer after numerous discussions with legislators, Gov. Evers and Secretary-designee Thompson, only to feel like the rug was pulled out from under us by the governor’s veto.

“I took Secretary-designee Craig Thompson at his word that this critical infrastructure needed for economic development and traffic congestion would still move forward at the planned location in the near future. At the time the governor vetoed my budget provision, I said I would do everything I could to help them correct their mistake. Thankfully, they did. Our county and municipal government leaders didn’t give up either, nor did the Greater Green Bay Chamber of Commerce as we collectively redoubled our efforts.”

Source: Jacque press release

Governor Evers Creates Climate-Change Task Force

Gov. Tony Evers has signed Executive Order #52, establishing the Governor’s Task Force on Climate Change at the Urban Ecology Center’s Riverside Park location in Milwaukee.

“For too long we’ve been ignoring science, and frankly, we can’t afford to do it any longer,” Evers said. “It’s time for us to deliver on the promise to our kids that we’re leaving them a better life and world than the one we inherited. I am confident that this task force will find meaningful sustainable solutions to the climate crisis to carry our state into the future.”

The Task Force on Climate Change will advise and assist the governor in developing a strategy to mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change for the benefit of all Wisconsin communities. Members of the task force will work closely with the Office of Sustainability and Clean Energy, created through Executive Order #38. The task force will report its findings and policy recommendations to Evers by August 2020.

Source: Evers press release