Republican Party Headquarters Vandalized

The exterior of the offices of the Republican Party of Door County were vandalized Saturday night. Graffiti was painted on the walls and windows of the headquarters on Egg Harbor Road in Sturgeon Bay.

Congressman Mike Gallagher and Assemblyman Joel Kitchens visited the scene Sunday. By the time Gallagher arrived, volunteers had cleaned windows and repainted the walls. In a statement Gallagher urged supporters of both parties to be respectful of differing opinions.

“To my Republican friends, do not be intimidated or hide from your beliefs. But do not respond to vandalism, violence, or destruction of property with vandalism, violence, or destruction of property,” he said. “Hold yourself to a higher standard, a Northeast Wisconsin standard. To my Democratic friends, please join us in denouncing vandalism, violence, and destruction of property. Though we may not see eye to eye on every policy matter, I believe we all can agree that this is a special community, a safe community, and we should work together to keep it that way.”

David Hayes, chair of the Democratic Party of Door County, condemned the vandalism and said it makes him frustrated and angry.

“It frustrates me that someone has that much energy and anger and that’s how they express themselves, rather than get involved in a positive way,” he said. “Instead the do something petty and childish.”

Hayes said he is meeting with Republican Party Chair Stephanie Soucek Monday to discuss the incident and joint messaging.

The Sturgeon Bay Police Department posted a warning on Facebook and asked for the public’s help identifying those who vandalized the office.

“Everyone has different opinions, politics, viewpoints, etc.” the department posted. “Often, people will express these views on their own property. These are established and guaranteed rights that EVERYONE has.

Our agency has had an increase in people vandalizing, stealing, and breaking yard signs. Last night, the Republican Party of Door County Office was vandalized. (On that note, if you have any information on this crime please call our office, as we are seeking those offenders).

If you are caught damaging, vandalizing, and trespassing on someone’s property, you will be cited and/or arrested.”

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