Resources: Additional Reading

Some additional reports related to Door County water include the following:

  • Surface Water Inventory of Door County, 2000. The Door County Soil and Water Conservation Department is in the process of updating this report, which could take about five years. “Part of this purpose is as communities plan for the future they can use this document to protect and conserve and address some of the issues impacting them,” said Greg Coulthurst, SWCD conservationist. “We live in a very fragile area, but look at our numbers; we have high implementation and participation. We can do it.”The current version can be found at

Water-Quality Indicators of Human Impacts to the Wetlands of Door County Wisconsin – a Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey from the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Extension Division. 

Door County: 2023 County Environmental Health Profile covers a number of health-related parameters, including private water quality.