Once Upon Our Peninsula: News from this week’s past, Feb. 1-6

All items are from the Door County Library’s newspaper archives, and they appear in the same form as they were first published, including misspellings and grammatical errors.

                                                      The Expositor Independent, Feb. 1, 1878

Last Monday was a day of considerable stir in this village. Teams from different logging camps were hurrying about town and logging sleighs passed along our streets toward the woods, in numbers which reminded one of the good old winters of the past. A couple of inches of snow which fell during last Friday, Saturday and Sunday, was what created the “little stir.”

                                                             The Independent, Feb. 4, 1887

Treasurer Eli Thompson and his wife left yesterday morning for Madison, to turn over the state tax for this county. At noon Mr. Thompson’s mother was taken suddenly ill and commenced to sink rapidly and her death is momentarily expected. A telegraph message was sent for Mr. and Mrs. Thompson to return at once, but at noon to-day they had not yet arrived.

                                                             The Republican, Feb. 5, 1891

The woman’s suffrage association of this city will hold oratorical contest on the question of woman suffrage in the Congregational church on Friday evening, February 13th. A small admission will be charged.

                                                  Door County Democrat, Feb. 6, 1904

Prof. J.C. McNally, the phrenologist, who has been in the city during the past month, left the city on Wednesday. It is not likely that the professor will visit this place again at an early date as he did not leave a very favorable impression upon our citizens.

                                                   Door County Democrat, Feb. 1, 1918

Sturgeon Bay’s second heatless Monday [one of several emergency wartime measures enacted; there was also meatless Tuesday, sweetless Saturday and wheatless Monday and Wednesday] was observed in Sturgeon Bay even more strictly than it was a week previous. A cold blustery day, combined with a fall of snow, brought business to a standstill, and the business houses lost little in trade by being closed. There was no attempt on the part of any one to keep their places open….The report that saloons could remain open if the temperature in the building was kept down to 40 degrees, proved unofficial and Fuel Administrator Graass’ statement that “the spirit of the law is to discontinue the sale of liquor everywhere on Mondays” was strictly complied with….Business is adjusting itself to the new order of things, and it is found that while in some lines it makes it most inconvenient to meet the requirements that the business requires by working but five days, no great hardship has as yet resulted.

                                                        Door County News, Feb. 3, 1927


In recognition of his outstanding services to the church and to the community as well during forty years, Father Broens of St. Joseph’s Church has been elected to the dignity of a Domestic Prelate by Pope Pius XI. Announcement of the honor conferred upon him was received in a cablegram from Rome the latter part of last week. The official notification or Papal Brief will probably reach here in about three weeks and will enumerate the reasons for conferring this dignity upon the new Prelate.