Ridges Sanctuary and McArdle Library Announce Wild Places Program

The Ridges Sanctuary and the McArdle Library in Baileys Harbor are teaming up this summer to connect children and their parents to some special “Wild Places.”

Through a variety of programs at both The Ridges and the library, children will discover and explore a special place that they select – at The Ridges, in their own backyard, at a neighborhood park, or any natural area that they select. By visiting their “Wild Place” over time, the child and parents will develop a direct connection to the natural world.

To participate in the “Wild Places” program, children need to register either at the McArdle Library or at the Ridges Nature Center. The first 40 children to sign up will receive a backpack with a clipboard and art materials to create their own nature journal. Children may choose to share their book through the month of August at the McArdle Library.

In addition to their own self-guided explorations, children and parents can take part in a series of programs at the McArdle Library and The Ridges. On Wednesdays from 1 – 2 pm through August 5, the library is offering workshops on various art techniques that children can use in recording observations in their journals. They will also be able to check out a variety of books about wild places and wild things.

Also, the Ridges Sanctuary is offering a series of “Wild Places Family Fridays” programs on mornings from 10 – 11:30 am through July 31. Ideas will be shared for discovering and connecting with the “Wild Place” chosen by the child, as well as providing tools for exploring and learning more about trees, insects and other aspects of the natural world.

There is no charge to register for the “Wild Places” program or to participate in “Wild Places Wednesdays” at the McArdle Library, and a donation of $15 per family is requested to participate in the “Family Fridays” programs at The Ridges.

For more information or to register for “Wild Places,” stop by the Ridges Nature Center of 8288 Highway Q in Baileys Harbor or call 920.839.2802.