Rob Atwood and Dirty Deuce

Rob Atwood is working under a new name, but rest assured, he’s still sporting the same old growl, soul, and hilarity. Working with omnipresent drummer Jamie Clarke, Atwood spent the winter working with Clarke on the duo’s first album as the Dirty Deuce incarnation.

Best known in peninsula circles for his work with The Probers and Kiss Me I’m Sick, Atwood’s soulful voice makes fast friends with a tearing guitar backdrop, heavy acoustic slap and a glass of whiskey.

Atwood hosts open mics at the Red Room every other Wednesday, and Dirty Deuce is rounding up dates after releasing their first album in early June.

Upcoming Shows:

June 13 & 14 – Steel Bridge SongFest 4

July 12 (afternoon) – Kendall Park, Baileys Harbor

July 12 (evening) – The Hitching Post