Rock ‘n Roll Fashion at Steel Bridge Songfest

Kim Manning.

I get excited for the Steel Bridge Songfest every year. Yes, I love the music, but I get more excited about all the eccentric outfits that I’ll see on Third Avenue.

Of course, the fashionista queen at Steel Bridge is Kim Manning. On Friday night she was head to toe in white – in a furry coat, with a little vest and ruffley shirt, and white pants tucked into high, laced up hiking boots. She roller skated on stage in the same white vest on Sunday, with a pair of teeny, bloomer-like white shorts that were dotted with purple flowers. And to top it all off (forgive the pun) a miniature, black-feathered top hat, set askew in her wild curly hair.

Third Avenue is a wacky fashion parade during Steel Bridge Songfest. When else will you see someone wearing a homemade panda mask or a girl in shimmering leopard print tights? The lead singer of the Maybenauts reminded me of my She-Ra Glimmer doll, in a bright pink mini-dress and silver leggings. Hearing old ladies gasp after seeing Lumberjack Cash’s awesome Mohawk made me laugh. Even though musicians were busily setting up or tearing down their gear, they would all graciously pose for me and my $99 Kodak camera.

Lantz Lazwell.

Lumberjack Cash.

I also love hats, and there were a lot of people donning swell hats, but there’s one thing that I wish was more fashionable: earplugs. As musicians and lovers of music, we should want to protect our hearing more than anyone. I noticed Miss Meaghan Owens wearing earplugs on the main stage on Sunday, and I really admired her for it. I hope more people wear some “fashionable” earplugs this year!