Rogue Theater Presents “Lone Star” at Greco Gallery

(Left to right) Stuart Champeau, Marcel Bruyere and Elliot Goettleman in “Lone Star.”

The Courtyard at Greco Gallery welcomes Rogue Theater as the opening entertainment for the 2013 season. Rogue Theatre will perform Lone Star on August 2 & 3. These outdoor performances begin at 7:30 pm, with live music from the Bent Elbows before and after the show.

Directed by Stuart Champeau, the play tells the story of two brothers, Roy, played by Elliot Goettleman, and Ray, played by Champeau, who are shooting the breeze behind Angel’s Bar in Maynard, Texas. Marcel Bruyere also stars as the pencil-pushing, loafer wearing Cletis T. Fullernoy.

Lone Star will have audiences laughing and contemplating heavy subject matter (with a little rough language).

Shows are $15. Greco Gallery is located at 24 N. 3rd Avenue in Sturgeon Bay. Tickets available at the door or for reservations, call 920.818.0816. For more information, find Greco Gallery on Facebook.

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