Rogue Theater’s “Golden Age of Comedy”

Rogue Theater will bring you the second edition of “The Golden Age of Comedy” with all new classic comedy sketches from the 50s, 60s and 70s. Syd Caesar, Imogine Coca, Lucille Ball, Tim Conway, Harvey Korman, Carol Burnett, Archie Campbell, Martin and Lewis, George and Gracie, and so many other television comedy greats will come to life on stage at two great venues. Feb. 26, The Door County Fire Company will host a 7 pm show. Feb. 27 at the Carrington Pub & Grill, 6:30 Dinner Show. Feb. 28 at the Door County Fire Company, 6:30 Dinner Show.

Rogue Theater’s artistic director Stuart Champeau selected the wide cross section of “skits” from a multitude of comedy variety shows. “The Golden Age of Comedy 2” is entertainment for the entire family. The Feb. 26 show is $10. Dinner Shows are $35/$30. For more information call Rogue Theater 920.818.0816 and for dinner reservations, call selected restaurants; Door County Fire Company at 920.818.0625 and the Carrington Pub & Grill at 920.868.3205