Rogue Theater’s “Policy” Wraps Up at Ephraim Village Hall

Rogue Theater is bringing back the show they had the honor of performing its world premiere (the English version) last November. Policy, a powerfully moving, thought-provoking play starring Rogue’s founders Lola DeVillers and Stuart Champeau, will play at the Ephraim Village Hall in September.

Policy includes a cast of two: the priest, Father Damián (Stuart Champeau), who is in charge of a Catholic school for boys and a summer camp, and a female insurance agent, Esther (Lola DeVillers), who for some dozen years has handled policies for the diocese. Father Damián reviews the school’s insurance policy with Esther, whose son attends the school. In their episodic cat-and-mouse game, carried out over a period of weeks, the priest wants to add two new clauses to the policy: confidentiality and a definition of sexual abuse of children as a work-place accident. The action of the play takes place in Spain, but the insurance clause is based on a real lawsuit from the Netherlands in which the insurance company lost its case and was required to pay the victims’ families. The several scenes end with surprises and contain moments of humor while dealing seriously with an international problem.

Policy plays Sept. 18 – 20 at Ephraim Village Hall. Friday and Saturday shows are at 7:30 pm, and 2 pm on Sundays. Tickets are $15 and can be purchased by calling Rogue Theater at 920.818.0816.


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