Rolf Olsen Photography at TAP Lobby Gallery

Third Avenue Playhouse (TAP) announces the opening of Rolf Olsen’s art installation Elements. Olsen’s show runs now through Feb. 25. Patrons can view the show during the runs of Jacob Marley’s Christmas Carol (Dec. 20 – Dec. 31) and TAP’s Winter Play Reading Festival (Feb. 16 – 25).

The TAP Lobby Gallery hosts a rotating art exhibit changing with each show. The gallery began as a way to support local artists and add color to TAP’s lobby, but has grown into a working venue that complements the show running on stage at the same time.

Olsen said he calls this collection of photographs Elements because he has “consciously chosen to focus on the elements or details of a landscape, to extract and isolate these aspects of a scene to see what sort of emotion or response I can elicit. They are quite ordinary objects ‘seen’ in a different manner. Some may evoke pleasure and wonder while others may be more surprising and ominous.”

When choosing a scene to photograph, Olsen said he is “seeking a sense of distance yet intimacy in the way these objects declare themselves, how they wear the light of the moment, the patina of time or the whim of weather.”

The exhibit may also be viewed by appointment by calling the TAP office at 920.743.1760. For more information visit

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