Room Tax Collections Boom 7.2 Percent in March

Room tax collections in March increased 7.2 percent more than the same month last year, according to the latest room tax collection report from the Door County Tourism Zone Commission. As of the report’s publication, there were 20 properties that had not reported their March collections.

Meanwhile, preliminary declines of 2.9 percent in February room tax collections rebounded to a 3.3 percent increase after late collections.

In the first three months of 2018, total room tax collections are up 5.9 percent, amounting to an additional $12,658 in revenue for the Door County Visitor Bureau, local municipalities, and administration of the commission.

The Town of Egg Harbor, in keeping with a strong 2017 performance, led the boost in room tax dollars. The town’s March room tax collections increased 91 percent year after year. Year to date, the town’s collections have increased 48.68 percent, or $6,260.

The town’s significant increase in March collections is in large part due to a 7.03 percentage point increase in occupancy rates and an increase in average room rate from $54 in 2017 to $83 this year.

The Village of Ephraim also had a strong month, turning around consistently sluggish room tax gains. The village’s March room tax collections increased 19 percent, amounting for a 13.35 percent increase in collections year to date. Room tax collections in the village were flat between 2016 and 2017.

The Town of Gibraltar also had a strong March, posting gains of 48 percent, or $3,000 in additional revenue year to date.

The City of Sturgeon Bay is off to a slow start, with a 4.62 percent decrease in room tax collections year to date. January saw a small increase in collections, but a slow February and March contributed equally to the decline.

Across the county, the number of units available decreased slightly by five percent and the number of units occupied remained relatively flat, leading to a one percentage point increase in occupancy rate. The average March room rate in the county increased by $7 to $91.

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