Rotary Club Increases Scholarship Value

The chairman of the Rotary Club of Sturgeon Bay (RCSB) Scholarship Awards Committee has announced that the club

will award scholarships of newly increased value to selected graduates of the Class of 2015 from Door County high

schools. The Robert Muckian Fund will sponsor vocational scholarships. This year Rotary will award academic scholarships to students in the upper 25 percent of their high school class planning to pursue a full-time course of studies at an accredited college, university or state-operated vocational/technical school.

In another new development, additional funds will be distributed to one outstanding student from each of the five public Door County high schools.

A committee of Rotarians will make the final selections, basing the decisions upon character, need, scholastic ability and probable success in college. Applications must be filed with the Rotary Committee by March 13.

Announcement of the academic scholarship award winners will be made on May 14, at the noon meeting of the Rotary Club.