Rushad Eggleston to Perform at Frozen Spoon

Rushad Eggleston will be in the county performing at a couple venues in May: May 5 at Sevastopol School and May 8 at Frozen Spoon in Sturgeon Bay.

Eggleston is a revolutionary cellist, poet, and composer who has mystified audiences in all 50 states and 18 countries with his genre breaking style of wild wizardry. Credited with inventing bluegrass cello because of his innovative bowing and techniques, Eggleston is an electric performer who magnifies outer space vibrations. He was a founding member of the alt-folk band Crooked Still, Grammy-nominated for his work with Fiddlers Four, and frontman of the explosive frog-metal trio Tornado Rider. Since 2013, he pursued a solo act: playing happy, fluffy music often in his own language to listeners young and old around the globe.

The performance at Frozen Spoon, located at 210 N 1st Ave, is free (with tips encouraged) and set for 8 pm.