Rusty Wheel Garden Art Sold at Rusty Tractor Café

Jon Vander Bloomen will sell the last remaining of his rusty sculptures at The Rusty Tractor Café.

Shortly after moving near Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest, Bloomen took skills that he cultivated throughout his life – from watching his father in his shop to carving marble in the ‘70s to learning welding in high school – to create unique, whimsical garden sculptures.

"Lunkenheiner's Mower" by Jon Vander Bloomen.

“Lunkenheiner’s Mower” by Jon Vander Bloomen.

He explains how the sculptures started: “I had seen this antique farm machine behind an old barn on the edge of a woods and thought the big wheels would make very cool tricycles if I added some other interesting parts. So I bought the old farm machine, dismantled it and took it to my shop. Then started searching scrap yards, old farms, junk stores and antique shops for interesting old steel things…

“When I started my first sculpture I couldn’t hardly believe how many tools I needed, everything from a pipe bender to a rotabroach. Buying steel things was a never-ending venture the whole 10 years I created sculptures.”

He made 24 rusty sculptures, which he describes as being a combination of steam punk and fantastic realism, and has eight left for sale at the Rusty Tractor. The prices are reduced for the remaining eight. Come October, he’ll take the remaining sculptures with him to his cabin in the north woods.

Rusty Tractor Café is located at 6228 Highway 42, just north of Carlsville. For more information, call 920.743.8704 or find Rusty Tractor on Facebook.

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