Safety Tips for Trick or Treating

The Sturgeon Bay Police Dept. offers the following safety tips for trick or treating in the city on Monday, Oct. 31, from 4 to 7 pm. Be familiar with the neighborhood you trick or treat in. Go only to homes with a light on. Go in pairs; there is safety in numbers. Look both ways before crossing the street. Make sure your child’s costume can be easily seen at night. Decorate it with reflective tape so motorists and others can easily see them. Try to avoid having the child wear a mask with their costume or make sure the mask allows them to have a complete field of vision. Most masks limit the child’s ability to see well and could be a factor in causing them to trip or run into low objects. Don’t eat candy that is not securely wrapped, or better yet, have a parent or older brother or sister inspect the candy before eating it. Motorists, please remember to watch out for frequent pedestrian traffic.

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