Saguaro Day Spa & Wellness Center Holding a Beginning Animal Communication Class

Saguaro Day Spa & Wellness Center, 3899 Old Highway Road in Sturgeon Bay, will hold a beginning animal-communication class with Lynn Schuster on March 15, 10 am – 5 pm. Take a (human) friend to take the class for $130 each.

As a telepathic animal communicator, Schuster can hear and sense through a meditative process what animals would like to tell us and is able to help strengthen the relationships between animals and humans. She can speak to all animals, including those that have died. 

During the class, she will teach the same method that she uses so you can learn whether your animal is experiencing pain, fear or anxiety and how you can help; what your animal’s likes or dislikes are; whether your animal is ready to transition; what it was like to transition and what it’s like now; and what your animal’s life was like before he or she lived with you.

Participants should arrive with an open mind, open heart, notebook and photo of your animal. Call Lynn Schuster at 920.495.7224 to reserve your space