Sail Training Foundation Celebrates 60 Years

Sail Training Foundation celebrates 60 years of teaching sailing to Sturgeon Bay youth and adults. The Sail Training Foundation started out as a separate nonprofit corporation under the umbrella of the Sturgeon Bay Yacht Club, to provide affordable sailing classes for everyone in the community.

The youngest students start out sailing in eight-foot Optimist Prams. As soon as they master the Pram, they move up to the two- or three-person FJ. Those with an interest in racing may move on to the 420 class; a two-person sloop used in many collegiate sailing programs. The teachers, all certified by US Sailing, coach from nearby powerboats. On-shore instruction is held on the porch, the lawn or in the tent adjacent to the Sturgeon Bay Yacht Club.

While the Sturgeon Bay Yacht Club is a private club, parents of students may use the Club dining room and bar during the terms of their classes.

Classes resume June 18. Sail Training Foundation Celebrates 60 Years run for two weeks, mornings and afternoons through Aug. 3 and cost $125. Adult classes are offered on Wednesday evenings, starting June 20, using 19-foot Flying Scot class sloops.

Visit for complete information about classes and registration.

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