Sale at Samara

Samara Jewelry Designs is holding the “Just Because Sale” April 14-28.

Samara Jewelry Designs spotlights Samara Christian’s internationally award-winning jewelry and also features a mix of fine jewelry that caters to every price point and occasion. Setting them apart from other jewelry designers, the husband-and-wife team of Greg and Samara work together to create one-of-a-kind designs using the lost-wax casting process, a technique they learned while studying art at UW-Stout.

“We were trained to think of jewelry as a three-dimensional work of art with each angle being given equal dedication. We think of our pieces as a miniature work of art with our signature on it,” said Samara.

Using this unique process, they are able to create intricate details and complex shapes in the finished metal. CAD (computer aided design) is another process they use to help with the intricate details. “Computer aided design can create anything my brain imagines that my hands aren’t able to implement on their own,” Samara said.

Samara Jewelry Designs is located at 33 N. Third Avenue in Sturgeon Bay. For more information visit

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