Sandra Martinez Opens Exhibit at Mr. Helsinki

The month-long Sandra Martinez exhibition, “Traces of Spirit,” opens at Mr. Helsinki Restaurant & Wine Bar in Fish Creek on July 1.

The exhibit will feature a sampling of Martinez’s artwork, including acrylic on paper paintings, blockprinted pleated shawls, silk-screened handbags, and laser-cut vinyl on glass. Smaller objects, such as the bags and altered journals, will be available only at the trunk show on the opening night.

Martinez is excited about the way her designs, new materials and methods and her workshops in Oaxaca, Mexico and Jacksonport (Martinez Studio) have all come together this year.

She said, “I see my work as related to the art of primitive cultures that used drawing to engage nature and the spirit of things. I can do the drawing anywhere.”

“My drawings are non-representational,” said Martinez. “These images come from my interior, although after I put them on paper I often refine them, and sometimes after that I begin to see a meaning in the design.”

Over the years, Martinez has found several types of materials that allow her to produce the designs she creates. Her designs also serve as inspiration for her husband Wence Martinez’s hand-woven rugs.

“Once I create an image, I can develop it in so many different forms, from journals to totes to paintings and jewelry,” said Martinez. “That’s good for clients, because they can always find some affordable art in the gallery, like a $20 journal or a $50 ceramic piece, even if they aren’t prepared to spend $1,000 to $5,000 on a hand woven rug.”

Mr. Helsinki is located at 4164 Main Street, Fish Creek, and is open daily at 5 pm. For more information call 920.868.9898.

Martinez’s gallery and studio, Martinez Studio, shared with her husband, master weaver and accomplished photographer Wence Martinez, is located two miles south of Jacksonport on Hwy. 57 and is open 10 am – 5 pm daily. For more information call 920.823.2154.

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