Sandra and Wence Martinez Receive United States Artists 2018 Fellows Award

Martinez Studio is thrilled to announce that Sandra and Wence Martinez received the United States Artists 2018 USA Fellows award. Selected from a pool of 500 nominees around the country by a panel of experts, Sandra and Wence are among this year’s 45 artists selected to receive the USA Fellows award for their creative accomplishments and to help advance their artistic endeavors.

With this award, Martinez Studio is excited to expand their work on the Legacy Project. The Legacy Project celebrates the award-winning designs, distinctive weaving styles, and cultural heritage of Sandra and Wence through a collection of textiles based on Sandra’s contemporary paintings and woven by mentored apprentices. The award provides additional support for cultivating and expanding the project, including the mentoring of apprentices as they carry on the multi-generational weaving tradition of Wence’s birthplace, Teotitlán del Valle, Oaxaca, Mexico.

Sandra and Wence are deeply grateful for the support and encouragement from so many individuals and gatekeepers throughout the years. They are humbled and honored to receive this award from United States Artists to continue their work of strengthening the artistic traditions of their heritage and supporting a new generation of artists and weavers.

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