Santa Claus to Visit Brussels Dec. 12

Santa Claus will visit Brussels to receive children’s Christmas wish lists Dec. 12, 4-8 pm, during a COVID-safe event at the Travis Price Plastering and Masonry office (the former Nicolet Bank building), 1364 Cty DK in Brussels. Children may turn in their letters and interact with Santa through the bank-teller window, and there may also be sightings of the Grinch or some elves

The event will also include a Lights of Love display, with trees decorated by members of the community; and a Spread the Love Goose Chase, during which families can participate in a scavenger hunt around town and from their home through the GooseChase app. Prizes will go to the top point earners. 

All events are free, but any donations collected will support DOOR CANcer.


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